The Brush.
The Brush.
The Brush.
The Brush.
The Brush.
The Brush.

The Brush.

€ 31
It took 20 different renditions of this brush to find the ideal softness for your body. Do we need to say more? (Don’t worry, we do. Scroll down).
Key powers
Massages without skin irritation
Reduces swelling and addresses swelling
Gently exfoliates and removes dry skin
The perfect balance of touch

Welcome to exfoliation central.

With every touch, this brush gently exfoliates your body whilst banishing dry skin into the ether.

Are you in the market for a lovely massage without the irritation?

You’re in the right place. This brush will massage your body with a promise to not bring on any irritation. Mwah.

It works deep. Very deep.

Sometimes it's the things you don’t see that matter. This brush promotes blood flow, nourishing your skin from the inside.

And if you thought that was it...

Helps the lymphatic system
It aids with reducing swelling of the body by helping work the lymphatic system. Sounds complicated? Leave it to the brush.
Protects the body's lipid barrier
It provides defence for your body’s lipid barrier so that all the good stuff can stay in and the bad stuff can take a hike.
The perfect balance of touch
We’re very proud of this little brush. It’s the perfect mix of softness and hardness. There’s nothing else like it.
Beech tree FSC©
Bristles: natural, medium soft, perfect for body skin.

Why it works.

We consider the skin a cherished companion, and we nourish it with only what it truly needs for self recovery. No bull sheet ingredients, no gimmicks here. We believe in your skin's inherent ability to flourish and our mission is to empower it to do so independently, without becoming dependent on our products. This is achieved through:
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Building Lipid Barrier
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advantage2 advantage2
advantage3 advantage3
Improves the Mood


Massage your skin before showering 1-2 times per week, following the body massage lines. Keep the brush dry.


I couldn’t find a dry brush that felt right to me. Nothing had that perfect balance of feel. Naturally, I decided to create it myself. I tried and tested 20 brush combinations until creating the finished product. Please try it. You won’t regret how it makes your skin feel.
Alena, Founder of CREAMLY.

What People Say About
The Brush.

189 reviews
  • Just right brush

    This brush is incredible! Just ordered my second one! I’ve tried so many and could never stick with one - either too hard or too soft, but this one is just right! Thanks❤️


  • Get that baby-smooth feel

    This brush... hands down the best purchase of my life, and I’m almost hitting the big 4-0. Why even look at new bikinis or shorts if you’re not rocking a baby-smooth booty like you get with this brush? Now, I’ve got it! Babies are giving me the side-eye! And my hubby can’t stop raving about how amazing my skin feels❤️❤️❤️


  • The brush that stole my heart

    Hadn't even considered a brush like this until you guys added it. Given how much I adored your cosmetics, I jumped at the brush right away. A year in, and I'm all about singing its praises. Not only does my skin feel and (yes!) look better, but the massage itself is so darn pleasant, I’m hooked on doing it daily. Huge thanks for yet another stellar product. Totally in love❤️


  • Stretch mark-free

    Only a week to go till delivery, and my belly’s stretch mark-free 😍 And that dry brush? Seriously eases the tight feeling on my tummy.)


  • So soft, so pleasant

    And a huge thanks for your skin massage brush! The bristles are super soft, making it a total comfort to use, and totally gentle on my skin.
    It's the softest brush I've ever laid hands on — feels amazing!


Frequently asked questions.
How to use The Brush and The Body Cream?
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Lather on The Body Cream post-brush massage and shower. Start with 1-3 times a week and watch your skin start to rock it solo over time! 🚀
Is your cosmetics 100% natural?
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Almost! We blend the best of nature with a pinch of synthetic wizardry for that perfect skincare potion. No one wants real urea (the best moisturizing ingredient btw) in their cosmetics. 😉
Is your cosmetics pregnancy and breast-feeding safe?
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Totally safe for mamas and mamas-to-be. Our formulas are natural, certified, and ready to pamper you. Just do a quick skin test first! 🤰
Are there products with SPF in you product line?
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SPF? Not our jam. Instead, we load up on antioxidants for a different kind of sun defense, as well as shadow and proper protective clothes.
Do your products have certificates?
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Certified and ready to roll! Our products are EU-approved and animal-friendly.

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