Hello, you stunner. I’m CREAMLY, your skin’s biggest fan.

We’re a judgement free zone, so whatever the story behind your skin, we’re in love with it at CREAMLY. Created to keep skin healthy and entirely self-sufficient, CREAMLY. products promote the natural greatness of your skin by using the most honest ingredients, formulas and combinations possible. So yeah, we’re pretty confident that your skin will love us back.
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All our products have secured certification within the EU
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Made in UK and EU
Our products are produced in 4 certified factories in Germany and UK
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Super Formula
One honest formula after 1000 trials and people’s feedbacks
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95% natural
Why 95%? E.g. we use synthetic urea (who would want a real one here ;)) which is an amazing skin moisturiser!
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Cruelty Free
While we often joke that rabbits would be eager testers of our lubricant, we firmly abstain from animal testing
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Our formulas are so refreshingly efficient that you only need 2-5 products to make up your entire skincare routine

We believe beauty is not defined by stereotypes and myths. Our formulas are so refreshingly efficient that you only need 3-4 products to make up your entire skincare routine. CREAMLY. supplies your skin with everything it needs and lacks, allowing it to function perfectly on its own without any excess product.

Our Story.

Alena Khmialnitskaya, the founder of CREAMLY., started the company in 2017 after going on her own personal journey to unearth the ideal solution for her skin. What began as a spark of curiosity has since evolved into a wide-spanning product range that has helped thousands with their specific skin types and concerns. Helping people and providing them with long-term solutions for their skin is what Alena takes most pride and joy in. More than 1,000 trials and tests later the aim has stayed the same: to make the best formulas without compromise.

We shorten the way to self-love for ourselves, our children and future generations.

Honesty is in the Skin.

We aim to transform consumers’ lives by proving that a beauty brand can treat them with honesty. Honesty is in the skin because your skin knows best. CREAMLY. listens to your skin and provides it with the ingredients it lacks to make it the best version of itself. Our products support and enhance what’s already nestled in your beautiful, unique skin.

“CREAMLY. creates the best, most honest formulas to transform your daily routine. I want to nourish people’s skin with highly nutritious ingredients so the skin can have all that it needs to go ahead and function on its own, even when you forget to use any cosmetics. It is possible, believe it or not, and thousands of wonderful customers can vouch for that.”

Alena, Founder of CREAMLY.

You Can Ask Around About Us.

More than 100,000 subscribers trust CREAMLY.’s skincare advice.

189 reviews
  • All-day matte perfection

    THE CREAM is a delightful surprise – no oily sheen all day, leaving my skin soft, serene, and evenly toned. Seriously, how do you pull this off💞🤗?


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  • From good to great

    I've been using your products for two years now, and my skin just feels fantastic! I never really had skin issues, but once I started using your products, I realized my skin could be even better)


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  • Amazing care = confidence, simplicity and strength

    Thanks for my skin's condition, for trimming down my beauty kit to the bare essentials, and for the freedom to travel with just an eyebrow pencil and CREAMLY powder!!! Yes, at nearly 34, with my (or rather, had) problem skin and constant acne battles, I can do this...


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  • My CREAMLY. journey

    I've been all in with your cosmetics for over a year) All my pics are filter-free!))) I've given up on foundation and barely wear makeup) Of course, there are nights when I indulge in a snack fest and wake up with a “fun” little surprise😂 but hey, that’s just a food tale!)


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  • Rituals for radiant skin

    Time to spill how obsessed I am with your exfoliant😍 I use it sparingly, eagerly waiting for the next time I can indulge in a bit of aromatherapy and a skin-loving ritual!!! My complexion's never looked more even, and my skin feels firmer somehow. Totally in love for life! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️


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Frequently asked questions.
Is your cosmetics 100% natural?
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Almost! We blend the best of nature with a pinch of synthetic wizardry for that perfect skincare potion. No one wants real urea (the best moisturizing ingredient btw) in their cosmetics 😉
Is there any chance that the skincare won't work?
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We load our skincare with all the good stuff, but remember, true beauty's a team effort – care, nutrition, and a dash of self-love. 🌟
Is your cosmetics pregnancy and breast-feeding safe?
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Totally safe for mamas and mamas-to-be. Our formulas are natural, certified, and ready to pamper you. Just do a quick skin test first! 🤰
Do your products have certificates?
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Certified and ready to roll! Our products are EU-approved and animal-friendly.
How long does the shipping take?
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We're globe-trotters, delivering almost everywhere! Timelines vary, but we're quick. Check out the specifics for your spot on the Delivery Page. 🗺️

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